The JYOTI Film mission statement

JYOTI means LIGHT in the Hindi language. With the films we develop and produce, we aim to shed light on untold stories. We love to co-produce with partners from all around the world. With our scope of projects, we try to open new perspectives on internationally relevant topics, inspire our audience and improve the understanding of the unfamiliar. We see documentaries and digital, interactive formats like games as a tool to pass on knowledge in a fun and entertaining way and thereby give our audiences the opportunity to learn and act for an optimistic future. As female producers of course, stories from and about women are close to our heart.


Anke Petersen is an executive producer of high-quality commercial films for international institutions and companies since many years. For over 14 years she was an inherent part of the awarded production company Tony Petersen Film GmbH, producing creatively ambitious films since more than three decades. Through her work in commercials Anke constantly updates herself about state of the art-technology and enjoys transferring her knowledge to digital and documentary-based projects. In 2012 she produced her first documentary “Calle del Arte, in co-production with ZDF/arte and subsequently established JYOTI FILM uG in 2013, which is focused on international documentary and short and feature length film projects for TV, Internet, cinema, cross- and transmedia concepts. She continues working on high-end commercials and image films.

Anna Bolster joined Jyoti Film in February 2014 as a creative producer. For the past nine years she worked in the editorial department of several companies. From her early childhood on Anna’s passion have been well-told stories. Having the privilege of growing up in different places all over the world, she believes bringing people in touch with different cultures through well-told stories, making them understand and emphasize, lobbies for a more positive world. Therefore, she loves working on international co-productions, supporting authors - often from countries which are underrepresented in the documentary world - in developing their projects and the organization around the realization of the film.