The JYOTI Film mission statement

JYOTI means LIGHT in the Hindi language. With the films we develop and produce, we aim to shed light on untold stories. We want to be entertaining, unraveling, conspicuous, inspiring, encouraging and intriguing. We want to move our audience, even if it takes some thinking out of the box. Every project is different. Some are more newsworthy, quirky, fun and innovative, some more personal with an emphasis on the artistic approach, some more investigative. We observe, we don’t judge, but we adopt an attitude. We are in a constant process of searching for new formats in order to reach a broad audience.



Anke Petersen is an executive producer of high quality commercial films for international institutions and companies since many years. For over 14 years she was an inherent part of the awarded production company Tony Petersen Film GmbH, producing creatively ambitious films since more than three decades. In 2012 she produced her first documentary “Calle del Arte, in co-production with ZDF/arte and subsequently established JYOTI FILM uG in 2013, which is focused on international documentary and short and  feature length film projects for TV, Internet, cinema, cross- and transmedia concepts. She continues working on high-end commercials and image films.

Anna Bolster joined Jyoti Film in February 2014 as a creative producer. For the past five years she worked in the editorial department of several companies. From her early childhood on Anna’s passion have been well-told stories. In her sight the world is full of stories worth being told, some are new, some have a new angle or twist. She loves to support authors in developing their projects and the organization around the realization of the film. Anke and Anna are open to the change of time and are interested in finding new paths in storytelling and documentary making.