Director / ANNE BÜRGER

Susie Lau carefully steps around a photographer blocking her way. A throng of other Paparazzi follows her every move. After all, this is one of the world's leading fashion bloggers making her appearance at London Fashion Week … And whatever she wears is a sure sign of the next big thing in fashion. But this year, there's something new, something revolutionary about Susie’s look: she's clad from head to toe in eco-couture – clothes that are responsibly sourced, ethically conscientious and above all, make a bold statement!

 This is the story behind Susie’s stylish new outfits. It takes her from avant-garde designers with fresh ideas about garment production and a new way of seeing our relationship with clothes, to grassroots textile producers in faraway countries, idealists and innovators, as well as some larger-than-life greats of the fashion industry. They all have incredible insights to share, fascinating life-stories to tell, and open our eyes to the new dawn of fashion.

Anne Bürger is the director of this cross-platform project. This project has been developped in Documentary Campus Masterclass 2014 and is in late development stage.