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JYOTI means LIGHT in the Hindi language. With the films we develop and produce, we aim to shed light on untold stories. We love to co-produce with partners from all around the world. With the scope of projects, JYOTI Film tries to open new perspectives on internationally relevant topics, inspire our audience and improve the understanding of the unfamiliar. We see documentaries and feature films, digital, interactive formats like games as a tool to pass on knowledge in an engaging and entertaining way and thereby give our audiences the opportunity to learn and act for an optimistic future. As female producers of course, stories from and about women are close to our heart. 




Anke Petersen used to work as a producer of commercials. For over 18 years she was an inherent part of Tony Petersen Film. In 2012 she produced her first documentary and subsequently established Jyoti Film in 2013, which is focused on international documentary co-productions, short films and digital projects. Anke is an alumna of Documentary Campus Masterschool and a certified green consultant.


Anna Chester joined Jyoti Film in February 2014 as a creative producer. Before that she worked in the editorial department of several companies. From her early childhood on Anna’s passion have been well-told stories. In her eyes the world is full of stories worth being told. Some stories are new, some familiar ones have a new angle or twist. Anna enjoys supporting authors in developing their projects and the organization around the realization of the film. Anke and Anna embrace transition and innovation and are interested in finding new pathways in storytelling and documentary making.



Lilian Tietjen joined Jyoti Film in 2020 as a creative producer. In addition, she is freelance producing state of the art commercials and music videos since 2015. Her documentary career started over a decade ago, researching, developing and shooting for editorial departments of various companies. Studying in the UK and Belarus has sparked her passion to build bridges and produce films that matter and raise critical debates. Lilian loves to provide an outside the box perspective and the hands-on, innovative and solution oriented framework, necessary to bring film ideas to life.


Lange Reihe 113
20099 Hamburg

phone +49 40 48 4940
mobile +49 162 245 4401
email: anke@jyotifilm.de


Ossastraße 11
12045 Berlin

mobile +49 1705 40 4703
email anna@jyotifilm.de

(currently on maternity leave)

mobile: +49 15234399138

email lilian@jyotifilm.de